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Tyson Thompson

Tyson Thompson was born in Ignacio, Colorado to parents Tamianne Weage and William Thompson. He graduated from Ignacio High School where he had an interest in construction. In 2014 he was elected to serve as a member of the Southern Ute Indian Tribal Council.

Prior to being elected, Thompson worked in Construction Services where community interaction was an everyday thing. For thirteen years, Thompson adapted his management skills from supervisors and upper superiors which would eventually lead him to becoming division head of Construction Services.

In addition to helping his fellow community members, Thompson is also an avid devotee to fitness. He spends productive time at SunUte Community Center where he assists fitness goers in constructing a healthy and active mindset.

With the position of Tribal Councilman, Thompson holds ambitions to construct a meaningful connection with the Southern Ute Indian Tribe while providing a healthy and communicative relationship.