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Liz Williams

Elizabeth Olive Willams was appointed the Growth Fund Management Committee Tribal Member-At-Large by the Southern Ute Indian Tribal Council on October 15, 2008. She has served on the Ethics Committee and the Tribal Credit Committee.

Ms. Williams graduated from Bayfield High School. She worked at the Southern Ute Health Center in Medical Records, Optometry, Environmental Health, Third Party Billing and Secretary. She then transferred to the Southern Colorado Ute Service Unit as a Budget Analyst.

Ms. Williams was employed at the Southern Ute Police Department as a dispatcher, police clerk and a police reserve officer for one year.

She worked for the Federal Government for eighteen years before she resigned to take care of her family in Durango, Colorado. She has four children and was married to Robert Santistevan. Two children are employed at the Growth Fund – Red Cedar Gathering Company and Growth Fund Properties Group.

Her late father, John Spencer Williams, was a Southern Ute Tribal Council Chairman and Council member, rancher, farmer and handyman. Her late mother, Wanda American Horse, worked at the Pino Nuche Restaurant as a waitress.

“Investment decisions are to be made with an understanding of risk versus reward, and the employment of sufficient diversification to achieve the desired rate of return for a given level of risk.”